One year ago…DYC

In October 2016, I was fortunate to be invited as the closing speaker of the “Functional Nanocontainers” conference sponsored by ICREA in Tarragona, Spain, a city that sits along the coast south of Barcelona.  Barcelona has been a long standing dream: Las Ramblas and the Sagrada Familia.  Tarragona was something new.  In addition to being professionally stimulating, conferences in Europe (Spain, France & Italy) are cultural fêtes with food and wine that is nothing like what is currently found here.  The symposium was wholly engaging, and accordingly, exhausting.  Being last affords certain liberties, and for the first time, I put my research in the context of whiskey.  Indeed, the title offered was “From Nano-tuns to Nano-firkins” with a tip of the hat to the acerbic wit of a friend and co-attendee, Jonathan Sessler of Texas.  It allowed us to end with a toast to our hosts with DYC.  DYC is Destilerías y Crianza del Whisky which was born in 1959.  While it is bundled with coke for good reason, DYC is the only way to end a lecture in Spain. Gracias a mis amigos y amigas de Catalunia y otros partes. Fue una adventura magnifica!

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