Dance of the Continents allows students to move outside their comfort zone.  For many, it is the first time that they will participate in a theatrical production.  The growth seen in these students–and the impact that their success has on their peer groups and teachers–are compelling reasons for Cedric and Eric to continue these activities, as well as make the production available to the broader community through this website.
Number of Performances:  8
Number of Student Actors:  776
Number of Peers and Parent in the Audience:  Approx. 4900
Distribution Map

Distribution Map for Texas: Fort Worth, Kennedale, McAllen
Texas: Fort Worth, Kennedale, McAllen Distribution Map


Metroplex distribution Map
Metroplex Distribution Map

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Other Notables
Dance of the Continents (DOC) now has spanish subtitles!
DOC has a new and introductory scene featuring more of Wegener and Greenland!
The DOC team included students, staff, and faculty:  List coming.[/tab]
2014 – J.P. Elder Middle School in Fort Worth
Thank you for sharing your excellent program with the students of JP Elder. The show was a resounding success. The students who participated had a blast and the students who came to the show loved it. Usually, assemblies have a mixed success rate with some misbehavior or off task comments. This show had everyone, both grade levels, completely engaged and responding exuberantly to the material and to seeing their peers perform the material . Your program had a perfect blend of science content, student participation and “fun” things to see and hear.
The preparation and commitment it must take to make such a BIG show come off so seemingly effortlessly deserves more recognition than this Thank You can offer.
Thank you for being so flexible when working with us. Thank you for being so “present” when working with our students. Thank you for bringing in, prepping, organizing, running, cleaning up and taking away all the materials required to make such an impressive show. The students, teachers, administrators and parents that got to attend the show have a great new way to remember more information about the history of the development of the Plate Tectonic Theory. The students and teachers who got to put on the show with you, we will have unforgettable memories of an experience many of us would have never otherwise had. Thank you!