The following video describes the process of staging Dance of the Continents, but some of the scene numbers have changed. Successfully staging the show requires that

  1. students are assigned roles based on interest and an ability to rehearse together;
  2. students are introduced to the scene-specific resources including training and performance videos;
  3. students are encouraged to think critically about the science content and their interpretation using the scene-specific evaluation form and appoint a student group leader (sometimes dances are follow the leader); and
    Single scene pre-performance: Single Scene Analysis
    Post-performance multi-scene: Multi Scene Analysis
  4. the logistics of stage access/egress and actor seating is addressed. Training for a show (when the students do their parts) takes approximately 2.5h.
    We recommend:
    Hour 1: Start with everyone at the performance site seated with their groups in the exact positions they will sit during the performance followed by a walk through.
    Two 15 minute periods: Small group rehearsal performances
    Hour 2: Dress rehearsal walk-through with sound and video